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Dielectric Spectroscopy

Dielectric relaxation

These problems were my major subject when I was working as a postdoc at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Lab of Professor Yuri Feldman. That was really beautiful and very productive time. I learned a lot and published quite a lot of papers. Actually, that time I was working on a number of very different projects ranging from dielectric spectroscopy of glass forming liquids and micro-composite materials, through non-exponential relaxation problems and to cloud microphysics.

I just refer to only some of them including the paper about one of very few existing dielectric measurements of crystallization in glycerol sample, that is shown on the right, and an (auto)review which is giving almost a whole picture.

Most of my time at The Hebrew University was occupied with dielectrics. However, there is one thing which was branching out of my major dielectrics relaxation researches at that time. This was the collaboration with Professor Alex Khain on the project related to cloud microphysics. There are many contributors to this work. My particular task was to provide a useful theoretical model for evaluation of electrostatic interaction between cloud droplets.

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