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Some of my oral presentaions:

Coupling between internal dynamics and rotational diffusion

This presentation is based on the theoretical work which treats the problem of rotational diffusion of semi-rigid molecule published in JCP 2012. This talk was presented on a number of different occasions: on the seminar of NIH Laboratory of Computational Biology in April 2013, at Rutgers University in the group of Professor David Case in October 2012, at NIDDK Laboratory of Chemical Physics seminar in May 2012, and at NHLBI in the group of Nico Tjandra in February 2012. Here are .pdf (2.3 MB) and .pptx (20.5 MB with heavy animations) versions of this talk.

There is also a short version ( .pdf (1.5 MB) and .pptx (19.4 MB)) of essentially the same talk which was presented on ENC 2012 together with the relevant poster (1.9 MB).

Restrains for protein structure elucidation from NMR relaxation

This is the major topic of my researches since 2003. I made a number of different presentations on this subject. The talk which I made for the joint meeting of the research groups of Marius Clore and Ad Bax in May 2011 is the most complete (.pdf (4.0 MB) and .pptx (30.0 MB)).

Similar presentation was also made at NIH Structural Biophysics Laboratory in Frederick on January 2013 (.pdf 3.4 MB).

There is also some older version which was presented at regular NIDDK seminar in March of 2009 (.pdf (3.3 MB) and .pptx (10.3 MB)) and the very short version which was presented on DCB lunch in September 2009 (.pdf (1.9 MB) and .pptx (10.2 MB)).

Lognormal pattern of Exon Size distribution in Eukaryotic genomes

This is the topic of my acute interest. I am trying to work of this project since 2005. I presented these ideas on a number of different occasions in different places. The comprehensive presentation (.pdf (1.6 MB) and .pptx (3.7 MB)) on this subject I made in November 2010 when I was visiting Professor Stas Molchanov at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of UNC Charlotte.

Methods of protein structure elucidation

This is the talk which I present at Johns Hopkins University on a relatively regular basis since 2008 as a guest speaker for the Advanced Cell Biology class of Professor Elena Schwartz. Here is the most recent version of this talk: .pdf (1.9 MB) and .pptx (10.1 MB).

Presentation in Kazan 2008

This is the lecture which I presented at my Alma mater theoretical physics department of Kazan Sate University when I was visiting my home city in 2008 (.pdf (4.2 MB) and .ppt (10.5 MB)). That time I also presented the same talk at the Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Non-monotonic Relaxation Kinetics of Confined Systems

This is also rather extended topic of my past researches and I made many different presentations on this subject. It seems to me that the most comprehensive lecture on this subject I made in 2005 when I visited the laboratory of Alexei Sokolov when he was still at Akron University. I am attaching .pdf (0.4 MB) of this presentation.

Dielectric spectroscopy of Crystalline Glycerol

Once again this topic is from my past research history. This lecture was presented on DS 2002 conference in Leipzig and it reports about measurements of dielectric properties of crystalline glycerol and observation of the phase transition between liquid and crystal phase. As far as I know it was one of the few works which investigated these phenomena. I am attaching .pdf (1.2 MB) of this presentation.

Scaling exponent of Non-Debye dielectric relaxation

This is an example of my work which attempts to employ the formalism of fractional calculus to real physical problems. This particular work discusses the relationship between scaling exponents of a sel-similar process and the Cole-Cole process. There are two variants of this presentation one was made during a workshop in Paris .pdf (MB 0.6) and another one at the first DS conference in Jerusalem .pdf (MB 0.4) in 2001.